At House of Baukjen we make clothes to be worn and loved for a lifetime! From our use of premium eco-friendly fabrics to our production values, we take every care to ensure the sustainability of your garments. As a family-run business, leaving a positive legacy behind is important to us. Considering the whole lifespan of our clothing is part of this legacy, so we’d like to share how best to care for your garments.

A large part of the environmental footprint of clothes happens after you’ve bought them, as a direct result of all the washing and drying. The great news is that taking good care of clothing significantly lowers the impact of your laundry. Additionally, for each year you continue wearing an item (instead of replacing it), you’ll reduce its total carbon footprint by 24%.

We hope these tips will help you confidently care for your clothes, and if you have any questions our team will be happy to hear from you.

How to care for different fabrics

Different materials benefit form being washed and dried in different ways - the below pages offer specific guidance to cover all products

At Home Repairs

When Keeping Clothes in use for a long time, it's only natural they they will sometimes need a little TLC. These pages cover some frequent repairs to support you caring for clothes yourself.

Other Care Support

Not sure how to use your washing machine or unsure where to take your garments for dry cleaning? Our Team has put together some resources for you