Linen and Hemp

The following care advice is well-suited for majority of garments made from this material, but always refer to your Care Label instructions in case of doubt. Not sure how to read the symbols in your Care Label?
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Linen and hemp are wonders of the world of natural fibres, being naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. This basically means that the bacteria that usually makes clothes smelly doesn’t like linen and hemp, which in turn means you don’t need to wash them often.

Our top tips for linen and hemp are to keep coloured items out of the sun to avoid discolouration, and otherwise brush and spot clean as needed.

Linen and hemp have very long fibres but are brittle, so please don’t put them in the dryer and don’t wring them.

Keep your linens and hemp garments looking and feeling fresh by steaming them, as the heat will kill bacteria and the water particles will permeate the fibres and get rid of wrinkles. Now that’s the kind of two-for-one we can get behind!

If you machine wash your linen and hemp garments, please wash them at 30º on a delicate program and with a short spin cycle. Washing at higher temperatures will cause the fibres to contract and the clothes to shrink.

Fold your linen and hemp clothes and hang them in your wardrobe, or otherwise keep them at the top of your drawers – the weight from other clothes can result in deep creases that are hard to get rid of.

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