The following care advice is well-suited for majority of garments made from this material, but always refer to your Care Label instructions in case of doubt. Not sure how to read the symbols in your Care Label?
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Silk is usually reserved for special garments and for good reason. Not only is this fibre hard to obtain and process, it also requires special attention when in use.

Silk reacts to a lot of chemicals either by becoming discoloured or hardening. When wearing silk, beware of perfumes, oils and deodorants, as all of these can cause damage.

When it comes to cleaning silk, spot cleaning is the best and in general just hanging it outdoors or in the bathroom while you shower will go a long way. If you think it needs washing, refer to the care label and your own judgement to decide between gentle handwashing or dry cleaning.

If you do decide to have your silks dry cleaned, look for an eco-friendly specialist who doesn’t use the toxic chemicals perchloroethylene (known to be carcinogenic), hydrocarbons and/or D-5.

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