If you are a new to machine sewing, sewing a zipper may sound difficult, however with a little bit of patience and clear instructions at hand you’ll be able to replace a zip with no trouble. This same technique can be used in garments, bags, linings - you name it.

Let's see what things you will need today:

  • Seam ripper or scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper
  • Thread
  • Pins

Let’s get on with easy simple steps to add a new zipper to repair your favourite clothes:

1. The very process of sewing a zipper starts with finding the correct zipper. Make sure you have the correct length and make of the zipper for you garment – if in doubt, take your garment or zipper to your local haberdashery and they’ll be able to help you.

2. Remove the damaged zipper from your garment by removing the existing stitches with the seam ripper or small scissors. It’s worth noting how and where the zipper is sewn for reference.

3. Due to the volume of the zipper, sewing it on will be easier with a narrow machine footer or even a half-footer. If you have one at hand, we suggest changing the footer before you begin sewing. (This is an easy operation but if you’re unsure how to change the footer please consult your machine’s manual.)

4. Press the seam open and lay the zipper flat and face down. Then align the seam with the teeth on the zipper and pin in place. A quick hand-basting stitch will hold the zipper in place giving you more accurate placement. Be sure to insert the needle in and out of all the layers of fabric and zipper tape.

5. Now make a chalk mark where the bottom of the zipper base is located. You do not want to accidentally stitch over that metal bump, or the needle will surely break.

6. Stitch close to the zipper without stitching on top of its teeth. Start stitching down this side, until you get past the zipper stop.

7. Making sure the needle is all the way down, turn the fabric and stitch 1, 2, 3, 4 stitches, then put the needle in the down position again and turn the fabric, and continue stitching up the other side.

8. Remove both sets of basting stitches and that's it – your zipper has been replaced!