We have partnered with Splendid Stitches to offer our Baukjen customers a professional and cost-effective repair service for any Baukjen branded garment purchased more than six months ago and needs some form of reasonable repair or basic alteration.

If you purchased your garment less than six months ago, please contact Baukjen Customer Services at theteam@baukjen.com with details of the fault and supporting imagery so they can advise on how we resolve the issue with you directly.

Will Baukjen manage the repair for me?

Only if your garment was purchased less than six months ago, we are unable to replace it, and you would rather it be repaired than refunded – please contact theteam@baukjen.com if you haven’t done so already.

If your garment was purchased more than six months ago, or you require a basic alteration, please complete the booking form with supporting photographs and Splendid Stitches will contact you directly to provide a quote and undertake any requested repairs or alterations.

About Splendid Stitches

Splendid Stitches was founded by Nanna Sandom in 2010 with the key objective of stopping clothes going into landfill, and for over a decade has specialised in vintage repairs and restorations. With a workshop in North London, the team works with fashion brands and retailers to provide a comprehensive specialist repair service direct to their customers across the UK, received and returned by post.

The after-care repair service aims to reduce clothing waste, reduce the CO2 footprint, improve longevity of use and extend the pleasure of any garment for the owner.

Whilst constantly working to reduce their overall environmental footprint by working with their partners to continuously improve processes, Splendid Stitches believe in collaboration and education and that the journey to a sustainable and circular future is through learning and evaluating how things can be done better.

Which services can Splendid Stitches assist me with?

All sorts of clothing repairs include but are not limited to:

· Split seams and drooped hems
· Mend and patch rips, tears and holes
· Secure or replace closures and fasteners such as buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes.)
· Zip replacements or insertions including change to longer zips for comfort
· Replace loose or broken elastic, including shirring
· Simple alterations (that do not require a fitting) such as lowering necklines, shortening or restyling sleeves, adjusting skirt hem lengths and trouser lengths
· Reworks such as changing a dress to a wearable skirt whilst endeavouring to stay as true to the spirit of the original piece as possible
· Lining repairs incl. mending linings, part relining (e.g. sleeves only) or full re-linings
· We can also add linings where none were present, for comfort or preservation purposes

Which services are not included?

At present we are unable to offer repairs to leather or suede garments, handbags, purses or shoe repairs through this service due to the specialised equipment required. Please contact a local cobbler who may be able to help with these kind of items.

Occasionally, if an item is not salvageable or impossible to repair, Splendid Stiches will tell you and offer an alternative solution to keep your item in circulation.

Invisible mending and dyeing is not included in this service. Splendid Stitches reserve the right to refuse work deemed irreparable.

Washing and Cleaning?

Your item must be clean for Splendid Stitches to undertake repairs to it. Splendid Stitches cannot wash or clean your items, if you need to, please contact a capable dry cleaner for cleaning advice. Any items deemed soiled or dirty will be returned to you at your expense.

What will the repair or alteration cost?

You can include up to five garments and one charge of £5 will cover the return postage fee. Baukjen customers benefit from a special pricelist as follows:

Minor Repairs:

£10 (+£5 postage)

Sew On Button
Sew on button with rip repair
Replace missing button
Loose belt hoop
Split Seam (>20cm)
Drooped Hem
Pocket Rip

Intermediate Repairs:

£25 (+£5 postage)

Torn Fabric (patching)
Zip Replacement jeans/trousers
Zip Replacement (long) dress
Sip Replacement skirt
Reline Pocket
Minor knitwear holes
Denim patching/reinforcement

Complex repairs:

TBD on a case by case basis and following fullassessment of item, guide price (All +£5postage)

Zip Replacement coat/jacket - £45+
Lining Replacement - £60+
Large knitwear holes - £30+

Selected alterations and clothing maintenance guide price

(All +£5 postage)

Debobble knitwear - £25+
Shorten standard jeans - £20
Shorten trousers - £20
Shorten trousers wide leg/turn ups - £25
Shorted dress/skirt - £25
- with lining - add £15
Shorten Sleeves - £20+
Change neckline - £25+
Adjust Straps - £10+
Add buttonhole/belthole - £10

How will payment be taken?

Payment for services must be settled directly with Splendid Stitches. Upon receipt and inspection of your item(s) they will confirm the price and send you a safe payment link. They also accept bank transfer and PayPal. You must settle the payment before your items are returned to you. Splendid Stitches will provide full details once your repair is booked in.

How long will my repair take?

The standard repair time per garment is 21 days from receipt of your garment(s), although in some cases Splendid Stiches may require specialist hardware or there may be a high demand for services, which mean there may be a delay to the repair and return of your garment. Customers will be informed of any expected delay.

What are the full Terms and Conditions for this service?

You can read the full terms and conditions by clicking

I would like to book this service – what do I do next?

Please follow the link below and complete the form:

Online Form

If you don't have access to the online form you can download one from here. Once completed please send to studio@splendidstitches.co.uk