Welcome to Baukjen Lab, our collection made with truly innovative, future-focussed fabrics that take an extra step towards being more responsible to the planet.

While our entire collection is aimed at being lower impact – in fact 99.4% of our AW23 collection is responsibly sourced – Baukjen Lab is a level up, a space for us to explore brand new innovative materials at the forefront of sustainability. 


Kapok is a soft fluffy fibre that grows on the ceiba pentandra tree, also known as the kapok tree, which grows with just natural rainwater and without any pesticide or fertiliser input, giving the raw material an almost zero water and chemical footprint.

Nativa™ Regenerative Wool

Regenerative agriculture practices traditional farming techniques that protect farmers and animals while improving the health of the farm. Nativa™ uses blockchain technology to ensure the wool is 100% traceable from farm to final garment and is working with farmers in Uruguay to transition to regenerative agriculture.   


We’ve collaborated with Ecofoot and our supplier, LBT, to be the first to implement H2COLOR in our supply chain. It’s an innovative technology that can be used during the normal dyeing process of cellulosic fabrics – like cotton and viscose – to reduce the carbon and water footprint. 

TENCEL™ Denim 

Denim made from TENCEL™ Lyocell is never sourced from ancient or endangered forests and is manufactured in an environmentally responsible process. It provides a lower water alternative to traditional cotton denim, while also being incredibly soft.