With the average lifetime of a single garment being only 2 to 3 years, we want to extend the lifespan of Baukjen garments and reduce the amount of textiles going to landfill. Our aim is to lower our impact on the environment by radically improving the rate of garment recycling, and we would love for you to be a part of it.
• In the UK it's estimated that £140 million worth of clothing goes to landfills each year
• Did you know, 95% of this could have been recycled in some way?
• We can do better, and with your help, we will

* Source: Wrap & Edge Fashion Intelligence

Using the pre-paid postage label, simply send us your old Baukjen clothes to be re-loved, repurposed, or recycled and you’ll receive a £20 voucher to spend on your next order. Currently this service is only available to our UK customers and once per household, per year.


Here's how it works...

Send us your old Baukjen clothing with a maximum weight of 10kg in 4 easy steps:
1. Fill out our donation form by clicking the link below
2. You will receive a confirmation email that needs to be printed off and included in your parcel so we can send you your thank you gift voucher
3. Please print the pre-paid postage label and attach this to the outside of your parcel and send off!
4. Please ensure that all items have been washed before sending them to us. Once our warehouse receives your items, we will send you your £20 thank you gift voucher

*Terms and conditions apply, minimum spend of £79 for gift voucher to apply



• Re-loved where they will be donated to various charities
• Repurposed where they will be remade into new fabrics for new garments
• Recycled in a sustainable manner to ensure that we continue to lower our impact on the environment

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1. The Baukjen Clothing Recycling Scheme is only open to residents of the UK and we will only accept Baukjen garments, no clothing from other brands will be accepted.
2. To donate old Baukjen clothing to Baukjen’s Clothing Recycling Scheme you must:
a. Complete our Clothing Donation Form
b. Ensure all garments are washed. Otherwise we have no option but to recycle them.
c. Print a copy of the email you receive from us regarding your donation and your pre-paid postage label, and include it in your parcel. Alternatively include a note in your parcel stating ‘Clothing Recycling Scheme’ and include all of your personal details included in the email. This is so we can send you your thank you gift voucher.
d. Follow the link in the email to generate a pre-paid postage label and attach it to the outside of your parcel. Further instructions are contained within the email.
3. By submitting the form you agree to opt in to receive communications from Baukjen by mail. You can unsubscribe at any time. View privacy policy.
4. No responsibility is taken for forms or parcels that are lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered or received for any technical or other reason.
5. We can only accept one parcel per household, and only one thank you gift voucher will be issued per household.
6. By sending us items, you confirm that they are manufactured and sold from the brand stated on the garment label, that they are authentic (to the best of your knowledge), and that they were purchased in the UK or EU.
7. Baukjen reserves the right to refuse the issue of a thank you gift voucher in the case of receiving something other than old Baukjen clothing, or if there is evidence of excessive use or abuse of the promotion, or any other reason.
8. By donating your clothing, you are agreeing to transfer your property and ownership rights to Baukjen, and it will be the sole decision of Baukjen on what will happen with the items donated (to be repurposed, donated or recycled).
10. Upon successful receipt of a parcel containing Baukjen garments, one £20 promotion code will be emailed to the donator at the email address they provided. Please allow up to 10 working days from the date of receipt in order to receive this. The email will contain a promotion code with a minimum spend of £79 for use at The promotion code cannot be used on sale & outlet items, rental collection, third party collection and gift vouchers, or in conjunction with any other offer. Please view the full promotion code terms and conditions at Please note, Baukjen reserves the right to cancel orders, modify or terminate a promotion at any time without notice.
11. The donator is responsible for ensuring the correct email address was entered into our form, and that it is an active inbox. Baukjen cannot be held responsible for promotion codes that are lost, bounced, or otherwise unreceived.
12. No cash alternative will be offered. The promotion code is not transferable and may not be purchased, sold, bartered or otherwise exchanged without the prior written permission of Baukjen. All decisions of Baukjen are final and binding in all respects.
13. Baukjen accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities or injury incurred or suffered by you as a result of taking part in this scheme.
14. Baukjen reserves the right to cancel or change the scheme, including the incentive, at any time.