With our hard-working designs, casual is a state of dressing to be celebrated - not apologised for!

Just take our best-selling Liv Leather Leggings. Premium? Yes - but with our Brooklyn Longline Hoodie thrown on they put the elegance into off-duty styling.​

One top you won’t want to hide under a jumper is Morayo - the mix of indigo stripes with rose is so simple but so effective.

This season you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to versatile foundation tops: our Chesca Top in soft organic cotton rib is perfect for layering, as are our classic Baukjen Organic Cotton Tops - now available in rose and deep khaki.​

And our pants selection is just as strong - right now we’re reaching for Liz, because that combination of trouser appeal with the comfort of a jogger is proving just too irresistible. ​

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