It’s confession time… we love classic indigo denim so much that we’ve managed to incorporate this versatile colour into our new dress styles - and even a cardigan.

Our floral Molly dress also comes with an indigo base - and we’ll be styling it with Maisie, a detailed, neat-fit cardigan proudly made from recycled linen. Chunky sandals top the look off. 


Denim blue looks great with tan and white, which is why it’s the base of our folk-inspired Celia Dress and peasant-style Celia Blouse. Both are crafted in light eco-friendly voile and loaded with feminine frills. These are the sorts of styles you can reach for no matter what the day holds, and feel pulled-together, cool, and comfortable.

If - like us - you can’t be separated from your favourite denim whatever the time of year, then call on a flouncy top like Gabrielle to lend that easy-breezy touch to your Boyfriend Jeans. Now all we need is some blue skies to match!

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