At Baukjen we’re proud to say all our fabrics are responsibly sourced (in fact, it’s one of the many reasons we’re a B Certified Corporation).​

This season you’ll find the cosiest of knitwear made with up to 95% recycled fibres - we think that’s something to shout about!​


The Parker Cardigan is made of Ecote® cotton and polyester, a recycled yarn made in Italy which shreds pre- and post-consumer cotton, cleans it and spins it into fibres to be used in new clothes. This low-carbon footprint method ingeniously stops resources from going to waste.​

Our new Rhonwen knit comes flecked with yarns that hints at its past life, as it is composed of a blend of recycled wool and polyamide.​


And then there’s organic cotton, which doesn’t allow the use of toxic chemicals and which we love for printed shirting, such as the Famke Organic Blouse and Zenni Dress. But our favourite use for it this season is a super-fine organic corduroy that just spells autumn. Form an orderly line to get your hands on the tactile Cadie Dress and Becca Blouse please!​

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