We Fit For You

Fit is everything. Five women here at Baukjen, all of different shapes and sizes, come together every week to try on every one of our styles and give their verdict on how the style comes up fit-wise. A bit bigger, smaller, longer, shorter? We give you our advice so that you have the best information to hand when choosing your size. We're obsessed with the fit!

From the design to the first sample, each style goes through a thorough fitting process, with our designers and garment technicians. Once the fit is perfected, the style is ready for production. A size set of each new style is then sent to our London studio to be tried on and tested by the Baukjen fit team.

Once we've all fitted our size of the style, we discuss and come to a common fit consensus as to how we feel the fit comes up, in order to give you the most accurate and confident shopping experience that we can.

Please look out for our fit advice on each of our product pages.

Meet some of the women from the Baukjen fit team:

"We are constantly looking at returns reasons and listening to customer feedback. We try on the clothes so that we can give the best possible fit advice to the customer. We are all different heights, shapes and sizes, and it's important to us that we all feel happy and comfortable in the advice we are giving."

Jo - Merchandising

"Despite all our designs going through a fitting process, we are all various shapes and sizes. We feel it's a valuable task to ask a selection of ladies from the studio to try on styles when they come in from production. This way we can all give honest feedback to our customers regarding the fit and sizing of their orders, and hope that they receive their Baukjen goodies true to the sizing advised."

Rhiannon - Production