I’ve been working with Baukjen for five years now and I have a wonderful relationship with the team - who are all trying to make beautiful collections within the limitations that working with such environmentally friendly fabrics create. I say limitations, but what I really mean is design challenges - the fact that you have to be so considered informs every element of the design process and that has been really eye opening for me. Creating this capsule has been a dream of mine for decades, so to see it all come together with a brand that feels like family to me, has been incredible.

I think that after all these years of putting outfits together endlessly, I’ve realised that there are some pieces which just do not date. They are classic, yes, but they also have something special which make them stand apart from all the other incarnations of similar styles out there. Invariably these are the pieces that my followers comment and message me about and often I have to apologetically say, oh these are 10 years old, and I picked them up second hand or in a vintage sale which is obviously disappointing.

In my mind I have a very clear idea about my own signature silhouettes, palettes, and combinations, so it was pretty clear the kind of direction we should go in. We aren’t reinventing the wheel here - we are designing timeless, forever pieces which help you pull the rest of your wardrobe together. And of course, everything is made ethically in Europe with the most responsibly sourced materials, meaning you can finally fill those gaps in your closet while doing your best for the planet too.
- Katherine Ormerod

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