Last weekend my mother-in-law asked me whether we get paid for featuring products in Baukjen Loves. Good question and the answer is no. Everything has been bought and paid for. If by chance it was gifted to me, I will mention that. ​

One item that I bought a few years ago and still use every day is Shop Ateljé’s phone case with a short and long ‘pearl’ strand. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been stopped in the street by people asking where I bought it. I wear it draped across the body, it’s so convenient - I love it. I also have the ‘candy’ version which I use during the summer seasons. Since I bought mine, they have started using recycled materials in some of their products, so there are planet friendlier options available now.


Our daughter Pippa needed new eyeglasses. Natalie, our design director, had recently purchased new glasses that she was very happy with and looked fantastic on her. She’d bought them at Cubitts. Pippa and I hopped on our bikes and visited our local Cubitts. Half an hour later, the glasses and lenses were ordered and would be posted a week later. £150 was the cost all in, so much less than we’ve paid in the past. Pippa is thrilled with them! Photo is shared with her permission.


Sparkling Tea

Geoff and I did Dry January. I know, not the most exciting topic but please bear with me. We actually liked it (well, not the first week), and decided to continue into February and then into March, after which we’ll probably stop. A friend recommended we try Fortnum and Mason’s Sparkling Tea for evenings when others are drinking alcohol and we want something special to drink. I must admit I was a bit wary (tea?) but as I was curious too, I ordered it. We recently drank it during a dinner with my parents. It’s presented as a champagne, so do pour it into champagne glasses (we didn’t and I regretted that after the first sip). Despite my initial hesitations, I really liked it. It felt festive, wasn’t sweet and had a lovely taste. Everyone agreed. I actually forgot it was non-alcoholic. So, I’m a convert now and will order it for when we have guests that don’t drink alcohol.


Victoria Beckham

It was hard to miss Victoria Beckham’s launch of her new eyewear collection. As I’m already a fan of her Satin Kajal Liners, I decided to take a closer look at these creamy, crease-proof eyeshadows. Clean and cruelty free, they come in 7 shades. I chose two colours that I thought would work with my green eyes. Oyster was my first pick which is a soft shimmering pearl which I love for day. My second choice was Caramel which is darker. The colours are gorgeous and it stays put longer than the 8 hours stated (at least for me they do). Another winning beauty product in my opinion. Now I just have to remember to hide them before Pippa comes home for Easter and steals them…​

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