The Baukjen Brand
Founded in 2003, the House of Baukjen is a family-run business that is home to two clothing brands for women at different but meaningful times in their lives; Baukjen womenswear and Isabella Oliver maternity wear. A business with beliefs, values and a purpose to do more for a sustainable future, we care deeply about our people, our customers and our planet.

We’re determined to drive lasting positive change by becoming a leader in circular fashion through sustainable practices, recycling of garments and fabrics and giving back by donating to charities.
Planet + People

Planet + People

We are committed to providing a positive impact and are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve our sustainability.

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We celebrate slow fashion. Our clothes are timeless, crafted using the best quality materials and made to last. We empower women to be their very best and give them confidence when they need it.

Environmentally, ethically and socially conscious style for a sustainable future. Our clothes are designed for you, designed for good.