Thandi Organic Dungarees

Thandi Organic Dungarees

Fits true to size, however if you are inbetween sizes, we suggest you size down.

We love dungarees - they are easy to style with blouses, knits and tees, providing endless, fresh outfit options. The Thandi are special because they’re organic and feature a 70s-inspired wide leg and a pintuck down each front. In a dark wash, we think you can dress them up smartly with heels and a crisp shirt for an alternative to tailoring.

Thandi Organic Dungarees
Organic cotton grown in the Aegean Region, Turkey
Thandi Organic Dungarees
Denim woven in Adana, Turkey
Thandi Organic Dungarees
Denim woven in Adana, Turkey
Thandi Organic Dungarees
Jeans cut and sewn in Sultangazi, Turkey

99% Organic Cotton, 1% Elastane

  • Denim should be washed as sparsely as possible – avoid washing if you can
  • Wash inside out
  • Delicate Machine Wash - 30
  • Air dry



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