Cashmere, Merino, Greencash and other Delicate Wool Knits

The following care advice is well-suited for majority of garments made from this material, but always refer to your Care Label instructions in case of doubt. Not sure how to read the symbols in your Care Label?
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These fibres are very easy care because they have natural hydrophobic and antimicrobial properties! Thanks to that, most wools don’t need to be washed on a regular basis.

After wearing a Cashmere, Merino, Greencash or Delicate Wool knit, simply turn it inside out and leave it outside the closet for a day or two to air it out. Alternatively, you can place it in the bathroom next time you shower for the steam to gently clean the fibres, then allow to dry before putting it away.

That said, please avoid hanging your knitwear! The weight of the garment will pull on the fibres, so you’ll end up with an imprint of your hanger or some other funny shape.

Stains should be spot cleaned as soon as possible, using a dry cloth on one side and a wet cloth on the other to try and ‘push’ the stain out. You can use gentle soap but avoid abrasive cleaners (they can create a stain of their own); rub as little as possible, then rinse thoroughly.

When you think it’s time for a wash, follow our handy guide for handwashing delicates. Never twist or wring out the water, gently press it out instead. Please don’t use any fabric softener, ironically it will have the opposite effect on woollens. Always flat dry, using a towel or large swath of fabric on the bottom.

Most wools don’t really require ironing, but you can iron them on a low heat setting while using a pressing cloth (a clean tea towel or similar placed between the iron and the fabric to avoid damage).

To prevent and address piling, please use a pilling comb.

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