Knits to know. Our favourite silver screen knitwear moments...

Knitwear is a sartorial constant. The turtleneck, chunky cable knit, crew neck and cashmere - timeless staples we couldn't be without. 

The silver screen features a multitude of luscious yarns. Take inspiration from our favourites and invest in knitwear that spans the seasons. Classic for a reason. 


1954 White Christmas

Masterclass in monochrome. Chic, striking and totally timeless. A simple turtleneck is both versatile and flattering.  This style transcends seasons and trends, 62 years on. 

1961 Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

The film and the star are an in-house favourite. Audrey encapsulates timeless femininity. This knit, with its wide funnel neck is so simple. We love the dewy grey hue with a slight blue undertone. Flattering on any skin tone. 

1973 The Way We Were

So much knit envy here. The crisp winter white, the roll neck, the hat - these two do 'knit chic' so well. Pair with denim and simple becomes sublime.    

1988 Mystic Pizza

A chunky cable knit is a must-have in any contemporary wardrobe. Take note from Julia Roberts - 80s big hair, chunky oversized knit = perfection. 

1995 To Die For

When only effortless dressing will do. We love the knit, the hair, makeup and the candid expression. Overall, we love Nicole Kidman's effortless, nonchalant look. 

2014 Testament of Youth

While it may have been a period drama set pre and during WW1, we really can't surpass this soft pink knit on Alicia Vikander. Pink- the colour of 2016- is refreshingly feminine and surprisingly flattering. Pretty. Chic. We love. 

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