In her bag

Ever the curious, we asked our beautiful model Renee as to what's consistently in her bag.  When you're constantly travelling it's an eclectic mix of essentials, vitamins and beauty products, so we are told. 

1. I always, always have water.  It's so important to keep hydrated. 

2. I love MAC and travel with their false eyelashes and foundation. 

3. A day cream from Clarins; an essential! 

4. A book. Currently I am reading a Dutch book, Kluun DJ. 

5. My phone always makes the journey with me, including the charger. Also, it's my way of listening to music. 

6. Lots and lots of hair bands! And a brush. 

7. And lastly, I always bring my Fish Oil tablets and Vitamin B12. 

... And some 'fire'  questions 

Tea or coffee? 


How do you take it? 

Cappuccino, no sugar. 

Winter or summer? 


Country weekend away or city break?

City. I live in the country so I like the city. 

Night in or night out? 

Night in with my kids. 

Recipe of choice? 

Pasta with pesto and cheese.

Your latest Netflix binge? 

The Walking Dead. 

Flats or heels? 

Flats. I'm not a heels person.

Your guilty pleasure?