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When purchasing a pair of leather leggings you’re not just buying an eternally fashionable item, you’re buying into a piece of iconic fashion history. From Joan Collins, Marianne Faithful to Cindy Crawford, leather leggings have transcended every fashion trend and cemented their place within the fashion stakes. Happy nostalgic reading. 1943 Evelyn Keyes made headlines as the first woman to wear leather leggings on the silver screen for her part in the western film, Desperado. 1967 Marianne Faithful (Queen of Cool) rocked leather leggings with simple black pumps. 1970 Joan Collins dons double leather. Who else? 1991 The original supermodels - Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford - in leather leggings for a fashion campaign. Now Leather leggings are a must-have investment. You’ll be relying on them for years to come and that’s why our Liv leather leggings come in five amazing colours. Navy, claret and chocolate are cut from French leather, while the caviar black and chestnut are crafted
It’s our ‘go-to’ transitional outfit- a fine merino knit paired with a leather biker jacket. Getting cooler? No worries, we’ll layer it up and maybe throw it on under a cashmere coat. There’s no outfit where leather can’t be added. Why do we love it? It ages so beautifully and moulds to your body. It’s an emotional piece, not just a fashion statement. We love leather in all its shades, but sometimes we’re at a loss in how to exactly care for such a valued possession. Our designers gave us some tips! Condition your leat
Vogue Contributing Editor Bay Garnett reveals who she turns to for fashion inspiration, and some style tricks she’s picked up along the way. I take style lessons from my friends, women in and around fashion who I admire and love. Laura Bailey She has great style. Recognisable by her sweeping long blonde hair; a trademark look that transcends fashion and trends. I love the way she pulls references from Catherine Deneuve (classic trench/velvet ribbon) to wearing high top trainers and dungarees. She wears a midi skirt wit
A stylish winter coat is a wardrobe staple. With the breeze of unpredictable weather, there’s no doubt your winter coat(s) will be your hardest working pieces. Every season a new style claims a space, and here at Baukjen we’ve got something for everyone. 1. The Leather Trench Coat: A style to consider. Our tailored in-house 100% leather trench is rather special indeed. If you’ve been hunting for a leather trench to work this season, this is it. It’s also extremely flattering thanks to the buckled waist b
Minimalism encompasses every part of our design and creation process. We take pride in our craft and that’s why we use the most luxurious jersey, the softest cashmere and the comfiest stretch denim. We cut for simplistic minimalist style and we’ve got four secrets to share..... It’s the little things that make a difference Do the basics, but with a twist. A simple jersey top with a cut-out detail is bold but simple and the style will never date. Fit is everything Appropriating clothes to fit your body is
Finding clothes that feel comfortable, look stylish and ‘speak to the real you’ is undoubtedly the holy sartorial grail – there are trends that trip us up and ruts we fall into. We asked happiness consultant Samantha Clarke – who runs a School of Life course helping women connect their ‘personal brands’ with their clothes – to lend some top tips on how to evolve your new season wardrobe to feel fresh, chic and unmistakably ‘you’. I created my School of Life class around a concept called ‘style sleeve’ values (values you wear on your sleeve). This is about choosing clothes based on seven key values (strength, proficiency, connection, heritage, spirited, newness and truth). Once you’ve identified your values, you’re able to choose clothes that represent who you are, making it possible to step away from what’s right or wrong or the right trend/colour. I wrote this as a way to give women a more considered and psychological approach to dressing in a way that’s right for them. Here are my three top tips… Tip 1. Trial new looks by mixing ‘safe’ and ‘scary’ items Try pairing items that force you into new territories with other things that feel ‘safe’, ‘quirky’ and ‘fun’. I always find thi
Leather might be a ‘big ticket’ purchase for most of us, but a classic well-fitting pair of leather trousers will serve you faithfully (and fashionably) for years. Durable, versatile and extremely easy to style, they elevate an off-duty look in the way that denim never can. We asked writer and mum of three Marina Fogle to road test our brand new Rowland Leather Trousers for a day out in London. Here’s her verdict… The one good thing about summer receding is the beckoning of my autumn wardrobe. I’ve loved
'Layering season' is upon us, which means it's time for the clever 'coatigan' to enter stage left. This simple hybrid has been crafted from breathable bouclé making it the ultimate lightweight piece for autumn. It's also incredibly flattering (thanks to the adjustable waist tie) and looks effortlessly elegant layered over knits and leather leggings or teamed with skirts and ankle boots. In short: if there's one piece your autumn wardrobe needs, it's this coatigan. Recreate this look in four steps...
The ‘happiness’ business is booming – and given the hectic digitally-led lives we all lead that’s hardly surprising. One woman who knows the 'H' word inside out is Samantha Clarke, a professional happiness consultant and School of Life lecturer. It
The Calvin Top
Last week The Times' Fashion Director Anna Murphy put us front and centre in her ’21 brands you need to know about’ list. She also argued the case for every woman owning a true 24/7 dress. We couldn't agree more. Her hero picks include the Cavanagh
Cover star: The Cavanagh Dress