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Welcome to Baukjen

We’re a London-based womenswear brand with a single-minded vision: to create clothes that inspire and empower the busy modern woman. Today, tomorrow, forever.

This is where our focus lies…


‘Contemporary, yet forever’ is our overall aesthetic, but look closer and you’ll see we’re all about thoughtful design details. Subtle ruching, double-lining and hidden bra strap loops all deliver confidence and comfort. These secrets make all the difference to the way you feel. Read our clever design story


We imagine the clothes in our collection as beautiful jigsaw pieces. They work effortlessly together and slot easily into your wardrobe. We design with busy diaries in mind, so versatility is everything.


We’re women designing for women. We know where the ‘conceal and reveal’ lines should be drawn and we know what sexy feels like. Over the years we’ve honed the art of powerful feminine design.


It’s simple; we want the thrill of our clothes to endure far beyond their first wear. For that reason, we source the finest quality fabrics. With fluid, yet refined qualities that speak to all your senses. They feel astonishingly soft against your skin, wash well and flatter you completely.



Inspired by the thought of offering busy women well-made ‘love-forever’ clothes; our Dutch-born founder Baukjen set out on a mission to re-work the fashion landscape. That was back in 2008. After joining forces with London’s best creative design talent, the brand was born. Our designers, pattern cutters and seamstresses all work hand in hand together under one roof to realise our unique vision.