I’m Veg-Tanned Leather

I’m Veg-Tanned Leather

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Did you know the tag is completely natural and biodegradable? Made with FSC certified paper, cotton twine and a compostable lock mechanism made out of corn starch!

At Baukjen we take every care to create great quality designs and love sharing what’s behind each piece with our customers. We take the planet and people seriously. We are not perfect and are on a journey to do better every day. Giving you transparency is important, so you know where we are now and where we are going.

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Sustainable attributes:

Made in Europe
Products with this certification are solely Made in Europe. The total distance travelled as a garment is greatly reduced compared to production in countries further away. This minimises the carbon footprint to minimise our impact on the planet
Low Impact Dyes
Low impact dye doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or heavy metals and doesn’t require toxic mordants which are substances that fix dyes to fabrics. They require significantly less water during the dyeing process, which reduces overall water consumption and waste   
All the leathers we use in our collections are by-products. No animal is killed for our leather
Natural fibres
Natural fibres are materials made from naturally occurring substances produced by plants and animals and they are biodegradable
Ethically made
Garments that are ethically made have come from factories that have signed our code of conduct ensuring the highest ethical standards are met. These include living wages, safe conditions, regulated working hours and strictly no child labour
Raw Maternial Traced
Full visibility on where the raw materials for garments have originated

This item has been tanned with vegetable extracts, the most eco-friendly and traditional process to tan leather. It is a time consuming process that has changed little over the decades and yields beautiful results. You should keep in mind that vegetable tanned leather can stain more easily than other leathers and avoid wetting or dirtying it.

Handmade in Portugal using the softest of leathers, this piece is a modern classic that you can rely upon!

You can read all about caring for this item here.

We deeply care about our impact and are proud to be the Highest Scoring B Corp in Fashion in the UK, second highest in Europe. We work with key organisations to create a greener and fairer world, including The Fashion Pact, UN Fashion Charter, Global Environment Facility and Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

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