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Half your daily uniform – meet your stylish 18-hour tops that can be dressed up or down. Style and comfort wrapped up into one.

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  1. Winona Top

    CA$95.00 CA$57.00

  2. Spenser Top

    CA$105.00 CA$78.00

  3. Kendra Relaxed Top


  4. Caris Sweatshirt

    CA$115.00 CA$86.00

  5. Peggy Top

    CA$129.00 CA$77.00

  6. Callie Striped Top

    CA$115.00 CA$57.00

  7. Spenser Top


  8. Hattie Top

    CA$115.00 CA$69.00

  9. Abbie Top


  10. Marla Top


  11. Callie Striped Top

    CA$115.00 CA$63.00

  12. Lia Striped Top

    CA$115.00 CA$92.00

  13. Belle Top


  14. Aria Top

    CA$115.00 CA$69.00

  15. Gabriella Wrap Top

    CA$115.00 CA$63.00

  16. Remi Striped Top

    CA$115.00 CA$57.00

  17. Fenella Silk Top

    CA$195.00 CA$117.00

  18. Joni Top

    CA$95.00 CA$47.00

  19. Monique Top

    CA$159.00 CA$79.00

  20. Monique Wrap Blouse

    CA$159.00 CA$95.00

  21. Remi Ruffle Top

    CA$115.00 CA$57.00

  22. Baukjen Cotton Tank


  23. Elodie Top

    CA$115.00 CA$74.00

  24. Livy Star Tee

    CA$95.00 CA$57.00

  25. Leia Tie Hem Top

    CA$125.00 CA$81.00

  26. Bridget Relaxed T-Shirt

    CA$65.00 CA$45.00

  27. Bailey Striped Top

    CA$115.00 CA$69.00

  28. Callie Striped Top

    CA$115.00 CA$63.00

  29. Verona Wrap Top

    CA$139.00 CA$83.00

  30. Callie Striped Tunic

    CA$115.00 CA$57.00

  31. April Wrap Top

    CA$129.00 CA$64.00

  32. Lorin Top

    CA$145.00 CA$72.00