Hands up if, come weekends, you love nothing more than relaxing or pottering around in a pair of leggings? ​

Wish your leggings came with a leg-lengthening kick-flare? Then add Kimberley to your basket. In need of a pocket to house your phone? The Brandi has that feature. Or just after a cotton-rich style with a deep, comfortable waistband? Then bookmark the Essentials Leggings in stretch organic cotton in both colourways!​

Declaring that we have a style to suit everyone is a bold claim, but with the addition of our new skirt design, we think that really is the case! The latest recruit to our Essentials range, the Skirt Leggings come with a sewn-in tube skirt so no more pulling down tops to cover your rear. This clever design has you covered - literally.

Disclaimer: there’s no pressure to exercise in any of these styles! Simply reach for a sweatshirt - our new must-have is the Adriana, with its off-the-shoulder neckline - and do what makes you happy!

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