• Commitment to protect forest cover and associated lifeforms, by ensuring that 100% of our wood-based fibres and materials cause no deforestation (namely our paper, viscose and other MMCF), nor is forest cover destroyed for the attainment or creation of any other materials we use (namely leather and precious metals).
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  • Set SBTi approved science-based emissions reduction targets on scope 1, 2 and 3, in line with the latest criteria and recommendations of the SBTi and submit further relevant reduction pathway plans within 12 months.
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  • Source 35% of our Key Raw Materials from recycled sources, by moving away from virgin fibres and materials and invest in circular alternatives.

  • Source 75% of Key Raw Materials as Low Climate Impact.
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  • Source 100% of Key Raw Materials as Low Climate Impact.

  • Decarbonize supply chain by incentivizing implementation of renewables in all high impact manufacturing processes and achieve 50% renewable energy across Tiers 1 and 2.

  • Ensure that no substances are likely to cause harm to human, animal or vegetable life are released into Nature, directly or indirectly. Work with wet process suppliers to achieve clear wastewater certifications and source 50% of materials from ZDHC Clear Stream certified (or equivalent) suppliers. Look to phase out any chemicals which have the potential to cause harm from our supply chain, by working with suppliers to replace such substances with safer alternatives.

  • Reduce use of water related creation and processing of materials by 30%, from a 2019 benchmark. Procure materials and fibres with lower water footprint and work with suppliers to adopt better water management practices, which may include incentivizing the uptake of water recycling and other technological solutions.
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