We won’t compromise in our mission to create timeless and desirable clothing which has lower planet-impact. And as you can see here, it’s mission accomplished! ​

Every month we bring you exclusive prints and beautifully tailored pieces to see you from morning meeting to after-hours fun. Our new snow leopard print comes in a tiered dress, a floaty blouse and a wafty skirt - which you can style with black or crisp white for a shortcut to work-smart elegance. Crafted in a range of crepe and voile LENZING™ ECOVERO™, these fibres are made from natural and renewable wood sources from sustainable forests.

When it comes to trousers, we’re as obsessed by the look and feel of a fabric as we are the shape. Leather (always a by-product, of course!) is a sound investment, and in addition to our classic Liv Leather Leggings, our Faiza style tick off the carrot cut with a premium feel. And Fera are proof that recycled can be desirable: proudly crafted from over 50% recycled fibres, this contemporary shape comes in a flowing wide-leg.

Imken has risen to the top of our bestsellers list because its pintuck detailing packs such a punch - and looks chic tucked into trousers for the office. But, we expect some stiff competition from Nicey and Leonie, two little black tops which are very different in design but equally desirable!

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