Step into The Seventies

“Everything that’s old is new again” is a common phrase, but in fashion it's more true than ever

This time, it’s a resurgence of the Seventies. From billowing blouses to beloved flared jeans, it’s back to the future with this trend.

Don’t worry though, whilst we’re making a major case for a return to the decade of disco, we’ve put it under a modern microscope for a fashion-forward look that’s as flattering as it is fashionable.

Not ready to go full Seventies just yet? Slip into the super-flattering flared jeans as an entry-level tick of the trend. A high-waist jean that fits slim on the hips through to the thigh, before flaring to the foot.

Wear with boots or heels for leg length you never knew you had, and pair with the Saffron Blouse or one of our exquisitely tailored blazers to dip your toes in the trend with a modern twist.

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