Sheepsoft wool is 100% British wool, meaning it has a low carbon footprint (because it travels a shorter distance) as well as being natural, renewable and biodegradable. The wool is made using a unique blend of Bluefaced Leicester and Masham wool from UK-based farms, providing both softness and durability.

The Bluefaced Leicester wool is considered to be one of the finest British wools. The sheep originated in the North East of England but are now bred all over the UK. The sheep produce a relatively small amount of fleece for their size, but the wool is soft and lustrous – great for using in garments. Masham sheep are a crossbreed mostly bred in the hills of Northern England that produce long and hard-wearing wool mostly used for blending with other wools.

The supplier prides themselves on sourcing from the finest flocks and treating their wool with absolute care and attention, meaning they produce really high-quality yarns. We believe they are fully aligned with our vision at Baukjen, which is why we’re so excited to use Sheepsoft in our collections.

Sheepsoft wool is both incredibly soft and durable, so by using it we are able to make high-quality, cosy knitwear that will last for years in your wardrobe.

The entire production line for the wool, from fleece to yarn, is UK based. This means that the supply chain not only supports British farmers and UK manufacturing, but it is fully traceable. This helps us gain more visibility of our supply chain and means that you, as a consumer, know exactly where your new garment has come from.

We know that sheep farming isn’t perfect. Rearing sheep can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions through the production of methane and its impact on deforestation and biodiversity is widely debated. However, we understand that wool is a valuable material as long as sheep are being farmed for other industries. We do our best to source wool from suppliers that use small, local farms that pay attention to their impact on the surrounding environment.

Our supplier adheres to a strict sourcing policy that includes animal welfare and responsible farming for their raw materials. They report any animal mistreatment to relevant agencies, such as the RSPCA in England and Wales, and avoid any suppliers that don’t follow legislation. Additionally, British farmers are provided with training for stress-free shearing for the sheep, which has to happen every year to keep sheep healthy.

This means our Sheepsoft wool comes from well cared for sheep, only a few hours away from our head office.

Sheepsoft wool is sourced from the finest British flocks and travels under 50 miles to the mill in Northern England where it is spun and packaged. Along the way, the wool travels from Bradford to Huddersfield and it’s washed & cleaned and dyed.

Sheepsoft wool doesn’t require dry cleaning as it can be hand washed at home and dried flat. This means you can avoid the nasty chemicals associated with dry cleaning and energy use and emissions from tumble drying.

You can read more about how to care from your Laxtons Sheepsoft garments here.

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