Versatile, smart, transitional… our new Ishya leopard print ticks off everything your wardrobe could need this season

Ishya comes in a breezy dress that you’ll want to wear right through the week - from weekday meetings to weekend brunches. Throw our Lyle Leather Biker over it and all that’s left to debate is whether you’re opting for trainers or ankle boots.​

Discover it in a button-through blouse (made from responsibly-sourced crepe) that we designed to go effortlessly with leather trousers for a suitably autumnal twist. Your favourite black and indigo jeans will love it too.​ ​ ​ ​

This timeless pattern comes flecked with shades of khaki and pink, so our Agatha Top and Portia eco Cashmere Jumper make complementary layering companions. Easy!​

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