Let them see the light of day! Better yet, style them with daywear and you’ll never go back. For those unsure of how to take leggings from the sofa to the street, don’t worry, we have a few tips to get you started

Firstly, opt for a longline top layer that sits just below the waist line, covering the top of your bum.

Whether it’s a base layer like the Organic Brooklyn Hoodie or an outer layer like our gorgeous Shearling Coat, it’ll leave you feeling more confident, plus it has the added advantage of a flattering break in the outfit, leaving a favourable silhouette.

Secondly, be conscious of your footwear choices. Whilst we covet styling leggings for wear-anywear elegance, they are a decidedly casual option.

Whereas you can style up your top half (we love pairing our exquisite tailoring with the Abbey Leggings), shoes should remain on the casual side of things. Try chic white trainers to ground your look.

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