Precious about our fabrics? Yes. Precious about enjoying our clothes? Never!

At Baukjen, we’re driven by sourcing the most eco-friendly materials we can find and only ever using ethical production methods, but one thing we’re never precious about is the way we treat our clothes. They’ve been designed to wear on repeat, year after year.

New this season is a clean-look ‘dark denim’ wash addition to our organic boyfriend jeans range. It’s one of our favourites. And for those of you who have been asking, you’ll be pleased to know our Ashridge Organic Jacket now comes in a new hue – Chocolate.

Take our new Henley top, one of the stars of our new Essentials range; made from premium organic cotton, it promises to keep its shape and appearance wear after wear. And it’s perfect slipped under hoodies or worn on its own over denim. Another star to meet is our new Essentials Cotton Rib Top, in beautiful Rose and Fern.

One piece which demands a little more care is our Adeline cardigan - and rightly so as it’s made from Greencash: a cosy blend of recycled yarns including cashmere and wool. Lovingly handwash if required, otherwise a little low-maintenance spot clean here and there will do wonders for keeping your knits fresh!

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