Here are some of my recent discoveries.

- Baukjen De Swaan Arons, Founder



I’ve lost track how many weeks I’ve been applying uklash’s serum to the root of my eyelashes and on my eyebrows. They’re vegan, cruelty free and paraben free and take just a few seconds to apply. I think I’m 7 or so weeks in. The change in my lashes is remarkable, so much so that I’m considering stopping before I enter the ‘fake lash look’. The eyebrow serum hasn’t had the same impact, I’m not sure whether they are fuller. Love the eyelash serum though.

Deborah Brett Ceramics

When Geoff and I married 21 years ago, we were gifted a beautiful our cream crockery set. Over the years, surprisingly, hardly anything has been chipped or broken. Of course this is fantastic but at the same time it gives us absolutely no excuse to replace our crockery. Truth be told, after 21 years I’m up for a change. If waste and money weren’t important, I would pass on the quiet cream and embrace Deborah Brett’s blue bubble ceramics. They are stunning. For now, I’ll continue to admire her crockery and perhaps treat myself to one or two of her vases.


City Country Coast

If you loved Soho House’s Eat Drink Nap and Morning Noon Night, their latest book is a great addition to complete your set. It’s packed with interior tips from their 38 houses. I love reading their advice on how to make each space work to its maximum potential. Also included are some recipes of their most popular dishes and drinks. It’s a coffee table book that’s great to read. The downside, it makes me want to redo so many things in our house.

Shower Speaker

For Geoff’s valentine present I decided to get him a speaker that is water resistant and so could hang in the shower. Of course, I would benefit too, being able to play music again since my last shower speaker was ‘borrowed’ (never to be seen again) by one of the kids. I spent an hour or two researching speakers, reading reviews, comparing the models available. In the end I chose Marshall’s Willen speaker which works via Bluetooth. Small, beautiful design, powerful and great sound. He loves it (… me too).

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